Create Solutions That SPECIFICALLY Address Customer Needs

March 08,2023 @ 01:00 pm    to   March 08,2023 @ 02:00 pm

Create Solutions That SPECIFICALLY Address Customer Needs

This workshop is part of the Sales Enablement Series

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Episode 008: Create Solutions That SPECIFICALLY Address Customer Needs

It’s extremely important that you ask the right questions and actively listen to the responses of your customer so that you can very specifically address their needs.  Your customer will feel listened to and understood and will give you their business when you directly provide the solution to their needs through your presentation of the benefits of your product or service that are most applicable to them.

What You’ll Learn:

The important distinction between features and benefits.

How to customize your approach to the person in front of you so you distinguish yourself from your competitors.

How to strategically equip yourself with the questions and knowledge that will allow you to consistently solve the specific needs of your customers.

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March 08,2023 @ 01:00 pm
March 08,2023 @ 02:00 pm
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10x Sales Strategy Series

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