Expect Successful Outcomes

Expect Successful Outcomes

This workshop is part of the Sales Enablement Series

See the complete series overview here: https://www.movingforwardsmallbusiness.com/sales-enablement-series-12-strategies-to-help-you-sell-at-a-high-level-in-service-to-others-in-life-and-business/

Episode 007: Expect Successful Outcomes

There is literally no benefit to expecting negative outcomes.  There is a TON of benefits in expecting positive outcomes.  When you head into a sales situation with this attitude of confidence, your message and body language will be congruent, and your customer will feel that deep-seated belief that you know how to provide the solution to what they are in need of.

What You’ll Learn

How to minimize and eliminate the negative hypotheticals you are creating for yourself.

How to use your mind as a weapon that predicts and creates successful outcomes

The importance of responding vs. reacting

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Event Information

}  February 15, 2023
  Wednesday, 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm
n  Series, Webinars, Workshops
  10x Sales Strategy Series

Event Organizer

   Moving Forward Small Business

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