How Do You Measure Business Development Success in 2022

How Do You Measure Business Development Success in 2022

Is your business development strategy set up for success or failure, and how do you know? In this webinar interview, Jimmy Newson talks to Gary Anzalone, co-founder of the International Business Development Professionals, about the key measurements in Business Development going into 2022. Gary will share insights for the coming year and strategies to implement. In the end, you will walk away with a solid business development strategy for you and your team.

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About Presenter:

Gary Anzalone

Gary Anzalone

Principal at Razor Consulting | Outsourced Business Development | Opens Doors to NYC Markets

If you want curated ‎NYC connections, introductions, and business opportunities, you want to talk to Gary and his partners at Razor Consulting.

Razor Consulting was founded on the strength of a 35-year-old commitment to quality NYC connections. Gary’s integrity and trust ensure high-level introductions to foster the growth of new relationships. His clients are strategically introduced to individuals who are powerful influencers and decision-makers.

Gary owns the NYC market‎ with a vast and high-quality network to serve his clients and partners. He adds client value to the standard business development hire with an innovative model: outsourced high-value matches designed to build long-lasting relationships and new business opportunities. Gary starts his engagements with a “road map” for prospect targeting. His model saves client staff time and preserves senior leadership resources. His network benefits from a trusted source who vets top-quality assets to fill mission-critical needs to help them grow.

Gary operates between marketing and sales to tee up the right opportunities for closing deals. He is like a human search engine matching clients with only the people who have the need and want to meet. Random meet and greet introductions are not his model.

‎His peers view him as the ultimate NYC connector, mentor, and leader. Gary’s leadership roles included CEO of the CEO Clubs of NY, President of IFMA NYC, and Chair of USGBC – LI. He is currently a board member of ISM. Gary is respected and very well-liked by his peers.

When not working, Gary spends time with his family, woodworking, mentoring, and supporting various charities.

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}  November 16, 2021
  Tuesday, 02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
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