Look at Things Through the Lens of Giving vs Getting

Look at Things Through the Lens of Giving vs Getting

This workshop is part of the 10x Sales Strategy Series

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Episode 004: Look at Things Through the Lens of Giving vs. Getting

When you approach customers with the intention of giving without the expectation of receiving, you automatically create a dynamic that makes the other person feel valued.  It also alleviates the pressure on you to try to ‘get’ something from them.  When you create a relaxed environment for someone to make their decision, and you’ve been able to give them a great experience and education regarding the specific value your product/service provides them, your success rate skyrockets.

What You’ll Learn

How to ingrain an ‘attitude of servitude’ into your day-to-day interactions

Why this approach will lead to repeat and referral business for you

Simple strategies to get started immediately 

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}  November 09, 2022
  Wednesday, 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm
n  Series, Webinars, Workshops
  10x Sales Strategy Series

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   Moving Forward Small Business

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