How to Set Goals that Will Propel You to Victory

How to Set Goals that Will Propel You to Victory

This workshop is part of the 10x Sales Strategy Series

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Episode 001: How to Set Goals that Will Propel You to Victory

If you’re anything like most people, you love to win.  In order to win, you need to have a very clear picture of what that victory looks like so you can be intentional in your day-to-day pursuit of it.  Goal achievement = victory.  Without the benefit of clearly defined goals, you are going to have the nearly impossible task of trying to create the strategies that will help you drive directly towards your highest level of performance and income potential. 

Let us help guide you through the steps needed to sell at a high level by setting the goals and strategies that will create wins for you, your teammates, and your customers.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why goal setting is a foundational strategy that you need to employ if you are going to achieve maximum success
  • The importance of setting SMART goals and stretch goals
  • How to develop the strategic plans that will funnel into your short, intermediate, and long-term goals

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Event Information

}  August 10, 2022
  Wednesday, 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm
n  Series, Webinars, Workshops
  Sales Enablement Series

Event Organizer

   Moving Forward Small Business

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