Speed Up Your Leadership to Skyrocket Your Small Business – PART 2

Speed Up Your Leadership to Skyrocket Your Small Business – PART 2


Join Jimmy Newson “The Profit Producer,” a seasoned small business consultant and digital marketing expert, as he shares how to grow your influence (and that of your business) to stand out and increase your visibility and sales.


  • Make every experience and every trait count –positively– toward your success
  • Discover how to position each experience as a strategy for your business
  • Learn how to assemble a powerful “leadership timeline”

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  • See a successful, real-life model that works like a charm
  • Identify blind spots in your leadership timeline and fill them
  • Set practical goals to get you to your desired destination
  • Research the right type of partnerships
  • Mold and approach the right type of partnerships to make them irresistible


  • Create masterminds for synergistic success
  • Engage in volunteering, community, and media opportunities and sponsorships
  • Expand your voice and reach through other’s platforms
  • Become the thought leader you didn’t know you were

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Event Information

}  October 20, 2021
  Wednesday, 06:00 pm to 07:30 pm
n  Networking, Webinars, Workshops

Event Organizer

   Moving Forward Small Business

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