Speed Up Your Leadership to Skyrocket Your Small Business – PART 3

Join Jimmy Newson “The Impact Influencer,” a seasoned small business consultant and digital marketing expert, as he shares how to grow your influence (and that of your business) to stand out and increase your visibility and sales.

PART 1: CREATION – How to turn your experience into rock fuel and 10x your business opportunities

  • Make every experience and every trait count –positively– toward your success
  • Discover how to position each experience as a strategy for your business
  • Learn how to assemble a powerful “leadership timeline”

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PART 2: RESEARCH – How to leverage the leadership timeline for maximum success when creating partnerships and relationships to skyrocket your business

  • See a successful, real-life model that works like a charm
  • Identify blind spots in your leadership timeline and fill them
  • Set practical goals to get you to your desired destination
  • Research the right type of partnerships
  • Mold and approach the right type of partnerships to make them irresistible

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PART 3: LAUNCH – How to think bigger now that you have a foundation – become the thought leader you didn’t know you were.

  • Create masterminds for synergistic success
  • Engage in volunteering, community, and media opportunities and sponsorships
  • Expand your voice and reach through other’s platforms
  • Become the thought leader you didn’t know you were

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mini-series will take place on the Remo platform.  For the best experience, you must be on a desktop or laptop computer with the most up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, Sarafi, or Microsoft Edge.  Here is a full technical breakdown for your review. Mobile devices and tablets will have varying issues.

About the Presenter: Jimmy Newson

Jimmy Newson - MFSB Advisory Board Member

Dubbed “The Impact Influencer” for the outstanding results he achieves for his clients, Jimmy Newson is the founder of Jimmy Newson Consulting, a specialty firm focused on business strategy, online marketing, and sales.

He is also the Senior Advisor for the NY Marketing Association, and the founder of Moving Forward Small Business, a global effort to leverage the power of marketing, technology, and innovation to reduce startup failure and save 1 million businesses by 2050.

Holding prestigious certifications from Google, HubSpot, and SEMRush, and having served national clients such as AT&T, AOL, and Microsoft, Jimmy’s strategy will skyrocket your profits and ensure an attractive ROI to make your investment worthwhile.

Event Information

}  October 27, 2021
  Wednesday, 06:00 pm to 07:30 pm
n  Networking, Webinars, Workshops

Event Organizer

   Moving Forward Small Business

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