The Essence of Strategy

The Essence of Strategy

Episode 002: The Essence of Strategy

This workshop is part of the Small Business to CEO Series

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Why are some companies more competitive than others? To be successful, a leader must be able to diagnose the reasons behind successes and failures and to be able to effectively improve performance in the future. Learn to identify opportunities, develop a viable course of action, and formulate a strategy for your business.

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Mark Taylor

Executive Coach of CEO Peer Groups, TEDx Speaker, Certified Positive Intelligence Coach, Master Chair, Vistage NYC | Helping Leaders Achieve What Matters

Mark Taylor, MBA, is a retired CEO who has founded several successful companies, one of these became the 58th fastest growing company in the state (sold in 2005) and a high-tech Internet start-up that raised $20 million. He brings a 35-year history as an accomplished corporate executive, leader, and CEO. Mark runs five “think tanks” consisting of top-notch CEOs and key executives in Manhattan for Vistage International.

Mark is the author of the Leadership Field Manual: Exercises & Tools for Executing Culture ChangeHis TEDx talk was highlighted by Forbes.

“After 19 profitable years as a CEO, 12 years as a Fortune 500 corporate executive, successfully raising money for an internet start-up, plus the requisite failed startup that rounds out my experience, you could say that business is my life. I have dedicated the last 40 years to studying leadership and the last twelve working with NYC  CEOs committed to becoming better leaders. Through thousands of hours of face-to-face meetings with CEOs and company presidents, I am convinced that it can be different. My mission is to positively impact the world through leadership development.”

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}  May 19, 2022
  Thursday, 02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
n  Networking, Webinars, Workshops
  Small Business CEO Series

Event Organizer

   Moving Forward Small Businesss

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