If you’re afraid and stuck because of the current situation, and wonder what you should do next…

If you lack direction and feel overwhelmed from the sea of information out there…

If you’re looking to finally get practical and actionable tips to make progress and THRIVE, then the daily videos in Moving Forward Small Business are exactly what you need.
Who Else Wants a Business that 
in Times of Uncertainty?
No catch and no strings attached: This initiative is completely free and open to everyone, no log-in and no email needed to watch.

Watch whenever you want: All videos remain unlocked after they are released (one video every weekday), so you can view them anytime starting April 13, 2020.

As you watch the daily videos you’ll discover…

  • Mindset hacks to turn your fear into action
  • Easy, proven tips that you can implement RIGHT AWAY to keep your business afloat
  • ​Experts who are thriving and who will share their best tools to work in this “new normal”
  • ​​And much more!
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What’s this “Moving Forward Small Business” initiative all about?
Are you a small business owner, a startup, a side hustler, or a freelancer? If you answered YES, read on because this is for you!

Moving Forward Small Business (MFSB) is a free project to help you keep your business afloat and make headway during these uncertain times. 

The initiative brings together experts in mindset, marketing, finance, technology, innovation, and professional development to share valuable information --that can be applied right away-- to make a positive difference in your business and your mind.

The main goal is to help you and your team re-evaluate what you’re doing and find better ways to grow your market share and (of course) boost your sales, using technology and strategy.

For this, we’ve divided this project into three phases:

Here are the three phases of the “Moving Forward Small Business” Initiative.

Analyze & Prepare

In this initial phase, MFSB will show you new work ideas, groundbreaking technologies you can use, and daily tips via video (every weekday). The daily videos will be short (5 to 15 min long) and will include practical, actionable, results-driven information and advice to get you unstuck and regain your inertia. 

Recover & Build

In this second phase, you will dive deeper into specific topics that are important to YOU (based on the feedback you give us during the first phase of the program). Besides watching the videos, MFSB will also give you the opportunity to do REAL networking with other entrepreneurs like you through one of the latest virtual networking platforms. 

Thrive & Prosper

In this final phase, you will focus on continuing to build a solid foundation for success now and in the long run. MFSB will introduce more marketing, technology, business development, and financing tools and strategies to help you grow and prosper. After this phase, you will be able to move your business forward and keep thriving, no matter what the future brings.

Our Presenters

Check out our rockstar presenters.  They are all here to help share their knowledge and expertise.  
Please let us know if there is a particular topic you would like to hear more about.

Jimmy Newson

Helena Escalante

Todd Lebo

Perry Marshall

Dean DeCarlo

Lori Reeves

Ramon Ray

Yvette Owo

Kershel Anthony

Heather Hansen O'Neill

Joe Camberato

Supporting Partners


Your Hosts
The “Moving Forward Small Business” (MFSB) initiative is the creation of Jimmy Newson of Jimmy Newson Consulting and Helena Escalante of Entregurus.com, plus a handful of selected participating partners, sponsors, and presenters. 
Jimmy Newson
Jimmy Newson is the founder of Jimmy Newson Consulting, a business strategy, online marketing, and sales firm. Small business clients, and large ones like Microsoft and AOL, call him “The Profit Producer” for the outstanding results he’s achieved for them.

Jimmy is also the Senior Advisor for the NY Marketing Association, and the founder of Moving Forward Small Business, a global effort to leverage the power of marketing, technology, and innovation to reduce startup failure and save 1 million businesses by 2050. 

With prestigious certifications from Google, HubSpot, and SEMRush, Jimmy’s strategy will skyrocket your profits and ensure an attractive ROI to make your investment worthwhile.
Helena Escalante
Helena Escalante is a certified copywriter and marketing strategy expert. She curates programs for the business community in New York and is a frequent keynote speaker on topics about copywriting, content strategy, leadership, and marketing. 

Smart Hustle Magazine gave her the 2018-2019 “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” and Hibox.co named her as a "Top 10 Leadership Influencer." 

She’s the author and "Chief Bookworm Officer" of EntreGurus.com, a blog with readers in 150+ countries that provides ideas and actions from the best business books that anyone can read in under 5 minutes. American Express recommends reading her blog as a valuable “resource for entrepreneurs” and UpJourney.com endorsed her as a "Personal Development Expert, Author and Blog to Follow." 
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