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Lead generation websites are ideally suited to the small local business owners as it doesn’t require selling any products online and doesn’t take an immense amount of time like other forms of online marketing do. 

It is based on generating online leads through targeted Internet marketing tactics and then turning those leads into new customers.
The strategy is to get leads online and monetize offline. 
In this guide, you’ll discover:
  • How does Local Online Lead Generation work?
  • ​Lead Generation Website Benefits
  • ​The Simple Strategy
  • ​Create a Lead Generation Website
  • ​Two Types of Lead Generation Websites
  • ​How to Get Traffic to Your Lead Generation Site
  • ​Pay Per Click with Facebook Video Ads
  • ​Implementing the Best Practices of SEO
  • ​Joint Venture Partnerships
  • ​Other Types of Online Marketing Strategies
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Moving Forward Small Business is a hybrid event and content marketing company providing much-needed resources to small business owners and entrepreneurs through events, education, training, and networking opportunities. 

The combination helps them find the right resources at the right time to produce the right results. We are passionate about supporting small business with actionable content because small business helps the world become a better place to live.
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