Building Thought Leadership with Content

Todd Lebo


LEADER: Develop departments with a focus on teamwork, hire based on individual's capacity to grow and fit with the team, and implement processes and procedures to increase efficiency.

MARKETER: Leverage 25 years of experience optimizing marketing campaigns, developing and implementing strategy and driving revenue for a wide range of business models.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST: Build strategic alliances with companies that foster relationships, drive ROI and meet short-term and long-term goals.

STRATEGIST AND INNOVATOR: Understand how to construct a strategy get buy-in and develop a practical plan to implement, measure and optimize to a changing and competitive marketplace.

CHANGE AGENT: Lead various functions within a company to meet specific challenges, including marketing, product development, business development, and content.

SUBJECT EXPERT: Experience leading teams in marketing and content on diverse marketing topics, such as lead generation, social media, email, search, content marketing, optimization, list building, event marketing, lead nurturing, value proposition, analytics, mobile and more.
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