Profit Maximization Strategy Series


 In this How-to maxi-series, Andrew Frazier, MBA, CFA – The Small Business Pro and CFO, will dive deep into proven strategies for maximizing profitability and implementing them successfully. At the end of this series, you will learn about financial management, understand how it can be used to manage your business more effectively, and develop your business plans based on proven techniques for maximizing profitability.



The Secret to Maximizing the Profitability of Your Business

The secret to maximizing profitability is simple, but not easy.  It will require you to evolve as a leader by gaining significant knowledge and developing new skills.  That’s why we created this maxi-series to guide you along the journey.  We will provide an overview of the upcoming 11 sessions detailing what you’ll learn in each of them.  You will also have an opportunity to take a personal skills assessment to gauge your level of preparation for maximizing the value of your business.



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The Secret to Maximizing the Profitability of Your Business

Episode 002:

Learning the Langauge of Business Finance and Profitability

If you travel to France and don’t speak French, how well will you be able to communicate and get where you want to go?  The same is true for business.  Unfortunately, many business owners are not fluent in the language of business.  Are you?  Possibly first, you’ll need to know what the language of business even is.  In this session, you learn the key concepts, terms, and vocabulary to understand how your business really works and how to communicate that to others.


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    EPISODE 003:

    Developing the Necessary Tools to Manage Your Business More Profitably

    Before you start building a house, you’ll need to have several things in place such as plans, tools, and a team.  The same applies to maximizing the profitability of your business.  In this session, you’ll learn the building blocks required for being able to increase the profitability of your business effectively.  We will cover how to effectively access accurate, timely, internal business information that is needed to make the right decisions for maximizing profitability.


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    Tool: Create Your Business Plan


    EPISODE 004: 

    Understanding the Fundamentals of How Your Business Really Works

    Everybody loves a good story.  What is the story of your business?  Would it be a mystery, a comedy, or a tragedy?  Would you be the hero, the victim, or the villain?  In this session we will uncover the story of your business using the language of business.  You will learn the story format components to understand how the beginning, the middle, and the end are written.  That will prepare you for writing an even better story with greater profitability going forward.


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    EPISODE 005: 

    Keeping Everything in Balance to Ensure Long-Term Profitability

    As a small business owner, it can feel like you’re walking a tightrope without a net.  Your survival is determined by your ability to maintain balance.  I’m sure that you’ve seen that some tight-rope walkers carry a pole to keep themselves steady.  In this session, we’ll help you develop aids to help you to maintain balance and reduce the risk of falling.  These aids will also help to fuel the growth and profitability of your business. 


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    EPISODE 006: 

    How Much Money Are You Really Making?

    Making money is a very important component of having a business.  How much money is your business making, should it be making, and how much more could it be making going forward?  In this session, you will learn the details about a tool for helping you to identify what is contributing to your profit and what is detracting from it.  This is a first step in determining how to maximize profitability.


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    EPISODE 007: 

    Ensure That Your Cash Flows in the Right Direction

    In business, they say that “Cash is King” or Queen depending on who’s talking.  That is because your business will fail if you run out of cash.  Unfortunately, most businesses experience cash flow challenges at one time or another and many businesses experience cash flow issues on a continual basis.  There are several factors that contribute to this.  In this session, you will learn about a tool that will help you to determine the root cause of what may be driving your cash flow issues.  It will also help you to plan and manage your cash more effectively and avoid potential challenges.


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    EPISODE 008: 

    To Pay Taxes or Not To pay taxes, that is The Question

    They say that the taxman taketh and giveth, but mostly taketh.  However, the taxman giveth a lot more during the COVID crisis.  Nobody wants to pay more taxes, but everyone wants to make more profit which generally requires you to pay taxes.  How does your tax strategy affect your future profitability?   In this session will explore how your profit maximization strategy could affect your taxes.  You will also learn how your tax strategy may affect your profitability.


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    EPISODE 009: 

    Analyzing Key Performance Indicators and Important Trends

    It’s not possible to improve upon something unless you measure it because what gets measured gets done.  This will drive performance improvement and efficiencies throughout your organization.  Also, by measuring performance on a regular basis, you can see the trends and identify potential challenges and opportunities in advance.  This will empower you to make better business decisions which will drive greater profitability with less risk.


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    EPISODE 010: 

    Planning Your Work, Before Working Your Plan

    Everybody knows that “Failing To Plan is Planning To Fail,” but unfortunately, many business owners still don’t have a business plan.  Almost anyone and every organization that is successful has devised and successfully executed on a plan, so why wouldn’t you?  Although it may take a little longer to get started, you will move forward much faster and easier.  While everything won’t happen according to plan, it will be a valuable roadmap, and you can always modify the route you take, just like with your GPS.


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    EPISODE 011: 

    Optimizing Your Business Model to Maximize Profitability

    Continually evaluating and adjusting your marketing strategy, service/product delivery offering, your internal systems/processes/procedures, and minimizing fixed costs is the key to optimizing your business model and maximizing profitability.  This must be an iterative process with a feedback loop to limit unnecessary costs and maximize opportunities in a rapidly changing environment.


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    EPISODE 012: 

    Implementing Your Profit Maximization Strategy Successfully

    Your leadership is the most critical component of successfully maximizing profitability. You must constantly increase your business knowledge and develop new skills in preparation since your organization can only go as far as you’re prepared to take it.  You must develop a strong culture based on effective planning, goals, communication, collaboration, empowerment, training, incentives, and rewards for people at all levels throughout the organization.  This takes time and is not easy to do, but it will transform your business profitability, sustainability, and significantly increase the value of your company.

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