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New technology is constantly changing how small businesses market their companies and their products, and the Internet is undoubtedly one of the most significant catalysts for such change. Today, videos have become one of the most used media outlets on the web. And in turn, more businesses are starting to use it to their advantage. 

Video marketing, as is defined in the online world, is marketing a business’s products, services, or company details through the use of video. This video can be seen in many internet mediums, including social media networks, video-sharing websites, and more. The goal of any video marketing campaign is to use video to explain to potential customers the value of a company and its products and services.
In this guide, you’ll discover:
  • What is Video Marketing?
How Local Businesses
  • Benefit from Video Marketing? 
  • ​Does Video Marketing Really Produce Results?
  • ​How Does It All Work?
  • ​How Much Does it Cost?
  • ​Proven Video Marketing Strategies
  • ​Where to Put Your Videos
  • ​Types of Videos You Should Use
  • ​Next Steps
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