Create a High-Ranking Content Cluster with Content Marketing and AI

A 1-DAY MASTERMIND INTENSIVE FOR CONTENT CREATION with AI Leave with a 5-7 Content Article Cluster for One of Your Top Offerings


Manhattan, NY | Tuesday, July 30, 2024

Long Island, NY | Wednesday, July 31, 2024

Only 12 Spots Available Per Location

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What better way to boost your online presence and growth than with an interactive, in-person masterclass?

Join me, Jimmy Newson – the Impact Influencer, for a comprehensive mastermind day – lunch included – dedicated to Content Marketing & AI Mastery.

By the close of our day, you’ll walk away with 5-7 pieces of highly optimized content tailored to one of your offerings, a strategic content marketing repeatable blueprint, and a profound grasp of how to utilize generative AI tools to your advantage.

Here is an example of what will be covered in the full day of masterminding. I hope you are ready!

Ever wondered how to:

  • Leverage AI to streamline your content creation process?
  • Develop a pillar content strategy that establishes you as an authority?
  • Plan a content calendar that drives engagement and conversions?

Then this masterclass is for you!

I’ve helped my clients generate millions of impressions to their websites and hundreds of thousands of clicks in multiple industries. I’ve created and run content marketing and SEO trainings for local, national and global brands such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, BigVu, SCORE, the NY Public Library, Digital Marketing World Forum and more.

Get ready to supercharge your content marketing and ensure your voice is heard above the noise. There’s no better way to boost your online presence and authority than through a dedicated, in-person masterclass designed to elevate your content strategy to the next level.

By the end of the day, you’ll not only understand the fundamentals of crafting compelling content across various platforms — blogs, videos, and podcasts — but you’ll also have a concrete plan and the initial steps already taken to implement a pillar strategy that attracts and engages your target audience.



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Before the event, we’ll have a live call to brief you on the day, help you strategize your content in advance, and give you access to a world-class content creator – who will help you lock in your topic!


TIME: 9:30 AM– 4:30 PM



Here’s how the day will go…

Jimmy Newson teaching at NYPL
  • TRAINING: The Evolution of Content Marketing & the Rise of AI
  • HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Crafting Your AI-Enhanced Content Pillar Strategy
  • TRAINING: Amplifying Your Content with AI-Powered Distribution
  • HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Implementing AI for Content Optimization & Personalization
  • TRAINING: Measuring Success with AI-Enhanced Analytics
  • CO-WORKING: Collaboratively Building an AI-Integrated Content Calendar
  • WORKSHOP: Crafting Your AI-Enhanced Visibility & Growth Blueprint
  • OPEN Q&A: Ask Jimmy Anything About Content Marketing & AI

TRAINING sessions include a lecture accompanied by a structured workbook.

WORKSHOP segments feature a lecture with interactive, hands-on activities.

CO-WORKING offers a period for application and collaboration in a small group environment, facilitated by Jimmy.


To achieve this, we’ll provide a blend of collective and personalized guidance – space is limited, and registration will close after reaching 12 participants!

About the Presenter.

NYSE-SBA Jimmy Newson Headshot

With features in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Adweek, and AdAge, Jimmy’s expertise in business growth and strategy has been recognized nationally. He has trained thousands of business professionals worldwide and is a sought-after international speaker.

As a business and growth strategy consultant, Jimmy Newson has worked with organizations of all sizes, but his specialty lies in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. He founded Moving Forward Small Business, a membership-based organization that helps businesses grow and achieve their goals through practical and actionable advice. Jimmy is also a contributor and Leadership Network member with, where he shares his expertise on small business management and growth.

Jimmy holds industry certifications in Google, HubSpot, SEMrush, Cascade, and Trainual. He is also a board and committee member for various organizations, including the New York Marketing Association, Start Small Think Big, International Business Development Professional, and The New York Board of Education. Additionally, Jimmy has strategic partnerships with private, government, and nonprofit organizations, leveraging his extensive network and experience to provide businesses with comprehensive solutions for their needs.

Jimmy Newson

About the Event:

Venue Details:

We are in the process of finalizing the EXACT location for these exclusive events. Rest assured, it will be hosted at private venues within Manhattan and Long Island, NY, offering an intimate and focused setting for our participants.

Event Timing:

Mark your calendars for TUESDAY, JULY 30th in Manhattan or WEDNESDAY, JULY 31st on Long Island. The event will run from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM each day, providing a full day of immersive training and insights.


Attendees will be accommodated in a private setting, equipped with a screen for an enhanced training experience, ensuring an engaging and interactive learning environment.

USA, New York State, New York City, View of Empire State Building at Manhattan

Get Ready for PRACTICAL Guidance on Crafting and Launching a Content Marketing Strategy that Amplifies Your Reach Automatically!

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This masterclass is your go-to if…


  • You’re eager to consistently expand your subscriber base through Content Marketing and leverage AI to convert those followers into sales!
  • You possess a foundational grasp of content marketing strategies for Lead Generation (OR are willing to engage with the pre-masterclass meeting.)
  • You recognize that Content Marketing and AI are not quick fixes, but essential components of a robust marketing ecosystem.
Thumbs Down

Consider skipping this if…


  • You’re undecided about implementing Content Marketing/AI strategies at this time – this masterclass is about taking immediate action. 
  • You’re not prepared to actively participate and PUT IN THE EFFORT during the masterclass (meaning, bring your laptop and be ready to focus!) 
  • You’re hesitant to invest in recommended AI tools that are designed to optimize your efforts and maximize your results.


➤ Start the day with light refreshments (including tea and coffee) to energize your learning experience.

➤ Receive an exclusive physical workbook designed to guide you throughout the masterclass and serve as a valuable resource post-event.

➤ Engage in comprehensive Training Sessions focused on leveraging Content Marketing & AI for maximizing your visibility and growth.

➤ Enjoy a networking lunch where you have the opportunity to mingle, relax, or continue working. I’ll be on hand to address any inquiries during this time.

➤ Benefit from Co-Working periods dedicated to applying your newfound knowledge in real-time.

➤ Participate in an Open Q&A with Jimmy to clarify any doubts or queries you might have regarding Content Marketing strategies and AI applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the event be... EXACTLY?
We’re selling a handful of tickets FIRST to validate there is interest. It’ll be within the New York City and Long Island limits for sure at a PRIVATE venue. This won’t be a coffee shop meetup, we’ll be renting a space, bringing in food and lunch, etc.
FAQ I have a dietary restriction - will I have options?
Yes! We’ll send out a pre-event survey with information on dietary request to make reasonable accommodations.
What is the Cancellation Policy?
Once you buy a ticket, it can’t be refunded, but it can be transferred up to 14 days BEFORE the event. If you can’t make it simply email with who you’d like to transfer the ticket to.
    I'm new to content marketing and AI, is that alright?

    Absolutely, if you’re stepping into content marketing and AI for the first time, we’ll provide a pre-event training session you’ll need to engage with. This will be made available before the session, ensuring you come equipped with essential skills.

    Can I bring a friend?
    Each participant/attendee must have a ticket. If you know a friend that wants to come you can either purchase multiple tickets OR direct them to this page.
    I have another question...
    You can either chat with me through the chat box in the bottom right of this page OR email and we’ll get you an answer ASAP!

    Secure Your Seat Before the Price Increase to $797 on July 1, 2024








    All payments for these mastermind intensives are processed through Stripe.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you choose the correct location, Manhattan or Long Island

    Use code: 10offspecial to get a 10% offer before 11:59 pm EST on June 21, 2024.

    The price will increase to $797 on July 1, 2024

    Choose Your Location


    NYSE-SBA Jimmy Newson Headshot
    1-Day Content Marketing Masterclass Intensive – Manhattan

    JULY 30, 2024

    Recap of What’s Included:

    ➤  Morning Refreshments & Lunch
    ➤  7-Hour Content Marketing and AI Masterclass 
    ➤  Training, Workshop & Co-Working Sessions
    ➤  Maximum of 12 Students for Intimate Support
    ➤  Location will be announced soon

    PRICE: $797



    NYSE-SBA Jimmy Newson Headshot
    1-Day Content Marketing Masterclass Intensive – Long Island

    JULY 31, 2024

    Recap of What’s Included:

    ➤  Morning Refreshments & Lunch
    ➤  7-Hour Content Marketing and AI Masterclass 
    ➤  Training, Workshop & Co-Working Sessions
    ➤  Maximum of 12 Students for Intimate Support
    ➤  Location will be announced soon

    PRICE: $797



    What our past attendees, clients, and partners are saying about our presenter, Jimmy Newson.

    Like so many others, my business was thrown for a loop as a result of our year + of Covid shutdown.  While my income was zilch, I used the time to familiarize myself with the media-based platforms and tools available to me that I had previously never had time to learn.  One business that gave me a giant and sustaining boost was Moving Forward Small Business. 

    Working with Jimmy Newson, I learned to use software tools that help me track and improve my businesses’ SEO for starters, and from that point, I realized that I now have the language to approach working with a host of new tools.  Even as I am a novice at all these, my powerful takeaway is that I know what I don’t know and need to know now— I know what to ask for and how to apply that information to improve my business.  Without being conversant with software tools, I would have none of the building blocks I need to approach utilizing other tools that maximize my business efforts and efficiency.

    I told my friend today that I feel as if I am growing younger now instead of older, (and I am for sure older!), for I am learning the skills that I thought only those who grew up with technology acumen could master.  It’s an exciting new world of business for me now, for I feel like a player, and in control, not so much at the mercy of fate and luck.

    Moving Forward Small Business has been and continues to be my mainstay for learning and expanding.  Something good came out of Covid, I daresay!

    Elizabeth Sadoff

    Owner, Elizabeth Sadoff Art Advisory

    It was both informative and inspiring to hear Jimmy share about a few of his lessons and about how he focused himself on his goals to  strategically position himself work on high impact projects with organizations like the SBA. I am confident that if I stay learning and improving, I can achieve the same results also. 
    Sha Miles-Smith  
    Sha Miles-Smith

    Owner, Shalinthia Miles-Smith Company

    I found our first in-person session inspiring. For the first time since the pandemic, I felt that I could find my strength to move forward as an entrepreneur.

    A big thank you from the bottom of my heart for reminding me that everything is possible.

    One more thing, I saw myself younger in your enthusiasm and your work methods, it was refreshing.

    Muriel Ilbas

    Founder, LSW.US Consulting, LLC

    I have the utmost pleasure working with Jimmy for over two years here at DMWF (Digital Marketing World Forum) – in-person and virtually. A delightful and charismatic speaker with an abundance of marketing knowledge. His sessions are not only delivered in an easily digestible fashion, so the audience is not overwhelmed, his personality is an infection on the stage! Jimmy is always on hand to lend his support and expertise to enhance our delegates’ experience at our conferences. We love working with Jimmy and having him speak at DMWF events for years to come.

    Rachael Reid

    Portfolio Director - DMWF Events & MarketingTech, Digital Marketing World Forum - World Series

    Jimmy is an absolute expert when it comes to developing and implementing digital marketing strategies for producing increased profitability within your business.  He is a powerful speaker who is not only motivational but effectively communicates complex information in an easy to understand way.  I have seen Jimmy address large and small audiences both virtually and in-person – he always delivers dynamic, high-energy performances with extremely valuable content that can be put to use immediately within your organization.  I have learned a lot from him that has benefitted my business significantly and I highly recommend checking Jimmy out if you have the opportunity.  You’ll be glad that you did!

    Andrew Frazier, MBA, CFA

    Founder, Small Business Pro University

    Jimmy is highly engaging, energetic and extremely knowledgeable across a variety of marketing disciplines. He delivers valuable and actionable content, which is exactly what our organization needs to better help our community of under-resourced entrepreneurs. We are immensely appreciative for Jimmy’s support of our organization and the time and expertise he’s contributed to help our small businesses.

    Kelly Hunter

    Marketing Program Manager, Start Small Think Big, Inc.

    Obviously the two major traits found in great speakers are: 1) are they knowledgeable in their chosen subject and 2) are they engaging when they speak. Let’s start with number one. For my digital marketing event, madconNYC, we needed not only great speakers, but experts in a given digital marketing discipline to provide advice and answer the burning questions of our participants. Jimmy is so knowledgeable that not only can he speak intelligently on NUEMROUS marketing topics, but he really is a true “expert” in different disciplines. His advice is proving to be invaluable to our event customers. Now let’s look at number two. Jimmy’s delivery, demeanor, and dynamic personality ensure he can a) make the connection with our audience and b) hold their attention. I know many people who have number one OR number two, but not many that embody both. Jimmy does. And I say this from personal experience having worked directly with him. He’s so good we asked him to be both an Expert AND a thought-leadership speaker! In short, Jimmy is both the bee’s knees AND the cat’s pajamas!

    Carlos Rodriguez

    Vice President, Digital Products & Revenue at RX, Reed Exhibitions US

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