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Business Strategy Tune Up

Why Should You Consider A Business Strategy Tune-Up

Is your medium to large company experiencing stagnant growth or struggling to achieve your objectives? It might be time for a business strategy tune-up. Simply put, a business strategy tune-up is a thorough review of your company’s overall existing strategy and its effectiveness. It helps identify any weaknesses, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth.

By undergoing a business strategy tune-up, your company can gain valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses, leading to the development of an effective plan of action. The process helps you realign your objectives and develop a clearer vision of your business. It enables you to focus your resources, improve efficiency, and maximize your profitability. For example, one company, after conducting a business strategy tune-up, identified that they were spending too much on marketing and shifted their resources to customer retention, which ultimately resulted in increased revenue.

At Moving Forward Small Business, we specialize in helping small and medium companies optimize their operations, grow their businesses, and achieve their objectives. If you’re interested in learning more about how a business strategy tune-up can benefit your company, contact us to schedule a consultation with Jimmy Newson. Don’t wait until it’s too late to take your business to the next level.

How It Works:

Almost every organization can benefit from a Strategy Tune-Up. If you have an existing strategy that has lost momentum or needs a bit of TLC, this is for you.

Send us your strategy documents in their current format (often Excel or PowerPoint), and we’ll guide you through a 90-minute assessment to understand where you are in the process and uncover gaps and opportunities for improvement. The result will be thoughtful recommendations around the framework and focus on helping you prioritize business outcomes.

Your Initial Step:

Send us your current strategy for review in advance of our Assessment call. We will take it in any format you have it in.

On the Call:

We’ll ask questions to help us understand your current approach and where you are in the strategic planning process. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss pain points, ask questions, and help us understand how you’re currently mapping your strategic goals.


Based on the review’s findings, we’ll offer a 1-2 page recommendation tailored to your needs. These recommendations will include:

  • a strategic framework to help build out and structure a scaleable strategy
  • actionable recommendations for your existing strategy
  • ideas to improve your strategic process and enhance your chances of achieving your goals

The Strategy Tune-Up Includes the following:

  • One 90-Minute Assessment Call
  • 1-2 Page Report of Findings document with a strategic framework, actionable recommendations, and support for your goals
  • One 60-Minute Post Session to ask questions about your custom report
  • One year full pro membership in Moving Forward Small Business for 2 team members

What’s Not Included:

Assisting you in crafting and developing your strategy from scratch: Our dedicated team is committed to providing valuable guidance and recommendations to ensure your strategic success. Should you require personalized assistance in formulating your strategy, we recommend considering the acquisition of our bespoke strategy coaching and workshops, available in various packages.

how it works

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We look forward to seeing you there.

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By undergoing a business strategy tune-up, your company can gain valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses, leading to the development of an effective plan of action.

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The Strategy Alignment & Execution Membership is both a movement and a community of business professionals who share one big vision:

We aim to simplify the process of creating a growth strategy, implementing an execution plan, and adding alignment for success. This membership is not for everyone, and that will be for you to decide. 

This membership is DIFFERENT than what you might be used to because rather than just discussing strategy and how to grow – we’re going to implement plans and strategies together in real-time. No business is left behind.

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