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Here are the Top 10 Top Reasons to Do a Press Release

  • New Product or Service Launch
  • Significant Business Anniversary
  • Major Partnership or Collaboration
  • Business Expansion or Relocation
  • Awards and Recognitions
  • Sustainability Initiatives
  • Community Engagement and CSR Activities
  • Significant Technological Advances or Innovation
  • Hosting or Participating in a Major Event
  • Significant Staff Appointment

Service Details

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, our press release services simplify the process of getting your news noticed and driving results.

Transform your announcements into impactful news stories without lifting a finger. Our Press Release Creation & Distribution Service offers a seamless, done-for-you experience that delivers SEO-optimized, compelling content directly to news outlets around the globe—all at an incredibly affordable price. Say goodbye to the stress of drafting and distributing press releases, and hello to a world of media attention and opportunity.

  • Effortless Press Release Creation – Say goodbye to hours spent writing and editing your own press release. Our expert team of writers will craft a professional, attention-grabbing press release that highlights your brand and gets you noticed by top media outlets.
  • Wide Distribution Reach – Our press release distribution service is top-notch, providing worldwide access to top news outlets, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand.
  • SEO Optimization – Our team of SEO specialists will ensure that your press release is optimized for search engines, increasing your online presence and helping potential customers find you easily.

The Process to Get Your Press Release Completed and Distributed

Once you order your press release(s), you will receive a confirmation message and email with an intake form from Moving Forward Small Business to send the additional information we need to start crafting your press release. If you ordered more than one press release, we will contact you after the previous press release goes live to start working on your next press release.

Ordering a single press release

If you order a single press release, you have up to 30 days to submit your information.

Ordering 3-6 press releases

If you order 3-6 press releases, we suggest you space them out 1 per month.

Ordering 7-12 press releases

If you order 7-12 press releases, we suggest you space them out 1 per month.

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Why Choose to Work with Us?


Meet our Founder and CEO, Jimmy Newson.

 Jimmy works with top SEO SaaS tools in the world, including SEMrush and Ahrefs

  • Jimmy has helped clients generate millions of impressions and views through content marketing
  • Jimmy speaks all over the world, training and inspiring business owners on digital marketing, digital transformation, and business strategy.
  • Jimmy has been featured in some of the top business outlets for small business.

Through Jimmy’s leadership, we believe we can help you achieve your goals as well.


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  • We value the integrity of our service and community. That’s why we only create original, high-quality press releases from real individuals and companies. Any duplicates or SPAM will be removed immediately.
  • It is important to note, we do not accept orders related to adult content or entertainment or promotions for pills or nutritional supplements.
  • It is important to us that copyright laws are respected. Please submit only supplemental content or images for which you hold the necessary copyrights.

Investment Levels

Are you looking for even more reach? Check out our Content Syndication add-on.

This has to be ordered separately from the press release levels above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Press Release?

A press release is an official statement distributed to media outlets providing information on a particular matter, aiming to announce, promote, or inform the public effectively and succinctly.

What is the Purpose of a Press Release?

A press release for small businesses aims to generate media coverage, increase brand visibility, attract new customers, and convey significant company news or events to a broader audience.

What services does your company offer for press releases?

Our company offers comprehensive press release services that include writing, editing, and distributing your press release. We ensure that your news is professionally presented and reaches your target audience, including journalists, media outlets, and online platforms relevant to your industry.

How does the process of writing a press release work?

The process begins with your completing our intake form after you place your order to understand your news announcement and objectives. Our team of experienced writers will then draft a press release that highlights your key messages in a newsworthy manner. We provide revisions based on your feedback to ensure the final piece meets your satisfaction before distribution.

How do I know if my press release was successful?

Success can be measured in several ways, including media pickups, increased website traffic, and higher engagement on social media. After the distribution, we provide a detailed report outlining which outlets published your press release, metrics on viewership or readership, and any noticeable impacts on your digital presence.

How long does it take from writing to distribution?

The timeline can vary depending on your specific needs and revisions. Typically, writing a press release can take 5-7 business days, followed by the distribution process. We aim for a seamless and prompt service, but we also prioritize quality and effectiveness.

Are there any industries you specialize in for press releases?

Our team has experience across a broad range of industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and more. We tailor our writing and distribution strategies to fit the unique dynamics and audience of your specific industry. But we do not accept orders related to adult content or entertainment or promotions for pills or nutritional supplements.

What is the cost of your press release services?

Costs can vary depending on the length of the press release, the complexity of the distribution, and any additional services required. We start at $49 for a single press, and you can order in bulk and bring that price down to $29 per press release. You can also get syndication for an extra $79 per press release.

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