Small Business Growth Strategy Tour

FIRST STOP ON THE TOUR: May 2, 2024| New York, NY


Ready to push your business boundaries in 2024? Equip yourself and your business with effective scaling strategies and leverage powerful networking to propel your business growth to new heights.

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Jimmy chatting with attendee at Small Business Expo

About The Growth StrategyTour

In 2024, MFSB will hit the road with our Small Business Growth Strategy Tour and travel to 10 cities around the United States. This tour targets small business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, and professionals looking for practical, relevant solutions for business growth and success in a dynamic economy. We’re offering a unique bundled offering that partners with innovative SaaS providers and top brands to make it easier for you to scale and grow.

The key to the success of this tour lies in our alignment with the Small Business Expo, America’s BIGGEST business-to-business trade show attracting tens of thousands of Small Business Owners year round. At each city, our founder and CEO, Jimmy Newson, will present live on stage. We’ll have a premium booth to communicate with attendees and invite them to sign up for our unique bundled offer, connect with our partners, and become pro members of the Moving Forward Small Business global community.

Program Overview & Breakdown

Every Tour Location will Follow the Same Program Breakdown

At Day 1 Event
Visit Us at Our Booth at SBXPO


Come and explore groundbreaking ideas with us at our booth.

At Day 1 Event
Day 1 at SBXPO – Jimmy’s Event Topic


Experience first-hand Jimmy’s strategic insights on small business growth.

location Announced to registrants only
Day 2 Deep-Dive Half-Day Event


Unearth deep strategies for business success in our intensive half-day session.

At events and in our community
Check Out Our Community Partners

Connect with our committed community partners championing entrepreneur empowerment.

In Our membership Community
Our Unique Small Business Porgram

Supercharge your small business with our tailored, high-impact online program.

At events and in our community
Our Strategic Partners

Gain the competitive edge with our prestigious strategic partners.

At events and in our community
Our Amazing SaaS Sponsors

Revolutionize your business operations with innovative tools from our SaaS sponsors.

At events and in our community
Our Amazing Business Sponsors

Capitalize on powerful collaborations and resources brought by our esteemed business sponsors.

About the Presenter.

NYSE-SBA Jimmy Newson Headshot

With features in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Adweek, and AdAge, Jimmy’s expertise in business growth and strategy has been recognized nationally. He has trained thousands of business professionals worldwide and is a sought-after international speaker.

As a business and growth strategy consultant, Jimmy Newson has worked with organizations of all sizes, but his specialty lies in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. He founded Moving Forward Small Business, a membership-based organization that helps businesses grow and achieve their goals through practical and actionable advice. Jimmy is also a contributor and Leadership Network member with, where he shares his expertise on small business management and growth.

Jimmy holds industry certifications in Google, HubSpot, SEMrush, Cascade, and Trainual. He is also a board and committee member for various organizations, including the New York Marketing Association, Start Small Think Big, International Business Development Professional, and The New York Board of Education. Additionally, Jimmy has strategic partnerships with private, government, and nonprofit organizations, leveraging his extensive network and experience to provide businesses with comprehensive solutions for their needs.

Jimmy Newson


What our partners are saying about our presenter, Jimmy Newson.

I have the utmost pleasure working with Jimmy for over two years here at DMWF (Digital Marketing World Forum) – in-person and virtually. A delightful and charismatic speaker with an abundance of marketing knowledge. His sessions are not only delivered in an easily digestible fashion, so the audience is not overwhelmed, his personality is an infection on the stage! Jimmy is always on hand to lend his support and expertise to enhance our delegates’ experience at our conferences. We love working with Jimmy and having him speak at DMWF events for years to come.

Rachael Reid

Portfolio Director - DMWF Events & MarketingTech, Digital Marketing World Forum - World Series

Jimmy is an absolute expert when it comes to developing and implementing digital marketing strategies for producing increased profitability within your business.  He is a powerful speaker who is not only motivational but effectively communicates complex information in an easy to understand way.  I have seen Jimmy address large and small audiences both virtually and in-person – he always delivers dynamic, high-energy performances with extremely valuable content that can be put to use immediately within your organization.  I have learned a lot from him that has benefitted my business significantly and I highly recommend checking Jimmy out if you have the opportunity.  You’ll be glad that you did!

Andrew Frazier, MBA, CFA

Founder, Small Business Pro University

Jimmy is highly engaging, energetic and extremely knowledgeable across a variety of marketing disciplines. He delivers valuable and actionable content, which is exactly what our organization needs to better help our community of under-resourced entrepreneurs. We are immensely appreciative for Jimmy’s support of our organization and the time and expertise he’s contributed to help our small businesses.

Kelly Hunter

Marketing Program Manager, Start Small Think Big, Inc.

Obviously the two major traits found in great speakers are: 1) are they knowledgeable in their chosen subject and 2) are they engaging when they speak. Let’s start with number one. For my digital marketing event, madconNYC, we needed not only great speakers, but experts in a given digital marketing discipline to provide advice and answer the burning questions of our participants. Jimmy is so knowledgeable that not only can he speak intelligently on NUEMROUS marketing topics, but he really is a true “expert” in different disciplines. His advice is proving to be invaluable to our event customers. Now let’s look at number two. Jimmy’s delivery, demeanor, and dynamic personality ensure he can a) make the connection with our audience and b) hold their attention. I know many people who have number one OR number two, but not many that embody both. Jimmy does. And I say this from personal experience having worked directly with him. He’s so good we asked him to be both an Expert AND a thought-leadership speaker! In short, Jimmy is both the bee’s knees AND the cat’s pajamas!

Carlos Rodriguez

Vice President, Digital Products & Revenue at RX, Reed Exhibitions US

Upcoming Tour Dates & Locations

**SPECIAL NOTE** You are registering directly with the Small Business Expo, so we won’t know that you registered. Please consider filling out this quick form to let us know you are coming, and we will enter you into our drawing for a chance to win a prize for your business.


USA, New York State, New York City, View of Empire State Building at Manhattan
New York City Small Business Expo

MAY 2, 2024

Venue: Javits Convention Center, Hall 1E
Address: 429 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001
Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm EST
Jimmy’s Workshop Time: TBA
Jimmy’s Workshop Duration: 30 minutes

Send us an email at once you register so we can enter you in our small business drawing.


Want to Share a Booth with Us?

Being a co-exhibitor with MFSB Small Biz Collective at the Small Business Expo provides an opportunity to share the limelight while also reducing the logistical demands and pressures that often come with such significant events. By pooling resources, sharing booth space, and delegating responsibilities, the strain typically associated with preparation, setup, and managing a successful exhibit stand can be dramatically minimized. The hassle-free, supportive setup provides an atmosphere more conducive to effective networking and generating leads and prospects.

This opportunity is reserved for small businesses with as little as one employee.


Jimmy Newson Speaking on Stage at Small Business Expo

**There are only three spots available per city location.**

Interested in Sponsoring Single or Multiple Locations?

Why Become A Sponsor?

The main reason to sponsor with MFSB is that we can get your brand in front of the SMB and entrepreneurial community to help you reach your business goals and increase your bottom line.

A key strategy at MFSB is to seek out great opportunities that create triple-win partnerships with our small business community, you, our valued partner, and Moving Forward Small Business.

We’re focusing heavily on innovation, technology, and business growth strategies to help our small businesses and entrepreneurs grow, make an impact, and become the leaders of tomorrow. But with your help and support, we will be able to do that more efficiently and effectively.

We have a lot of opportunities when it comes to partnering.

A Sample of our sponsorship opportunities include (customized for your goals and objectives):

  • Lead Generation
  • Membership Community Access
  • Zero-Party Data collecting through custom intake forms, surveys and social media
  • Database Marketing
  • Product Demos/Integration into Training and Programs
  • Awareness, Visibility and Branding to the small business and entrepreneurial community
  • Alignment with company objectives and goals
  • Customized engagement and contests opportunities
  • And more…

Please let us know what type of partnership you are interested in by emailing us at  or calling us at +1-646-643-7881, and let’s have a conversation.

When it comes to partnerships and sponsorships, you are our valued partner. So, we talked about your goals and your target audience to make sure that we create a custom and solid strategic relationship where everyone wins.

Our Sponsors

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Our Strategic Partners

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Small Biz Collective

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