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Supporting our secondary education market with educational programs & resources through the UniMarket.

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We supply the UniMarket college market with high-quality business training and programming. Our services include workshops, speakers & presenters, courses, and customized programming. All offers can be done in person and virtually. Please scroll down to take a look at our programming topics. Our programming is easily adapted for students, educators, and alums.

Why Us?

Business training can benefit people from all walks of life, so we’re sure that our business courses are a valuable resource for your college students, faculty, and alumni. Whether they’re about to graduate and go out into the working world or they’ve been at their current job for years, we know they can use some additional business skills to help make their career even more successful than it already is. From accounting and management to marketing and sales, our classes will help give them the upper hand when it comes to moving up the ladder. Don’t let them be left behind!

Available Services

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Expert Lead Workshops

We constantly seek out the top experts in their field who speak and teach on the latest trending topics that help today’s businesses innovate and grow.

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Dynamic Speakers & Presenters

We can bring in some of the best minds in the small business, entrepreneurship, and startup world to inspire and motivate your students and staff.

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In-Depth Training & Courses

We can dive deep into the most in-demand business topics to ensure your students and faculty are up to date on best practices, tips, and tricks in their chosen industry or vertical.

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Customized Educational Programming

We can create programming custom to your needs if you need something a bit more tailored to your exact needs.



Andrew Frazier - Square

Andrew Frazier

Business Strategy and Financial Management

precious williams headshot

Precious Williams

Media, Pitch, Business Communication, Rain Making

Mili Ristic Headshot

Mili Ristic

Mindset, Self-Improvement & Success Strategies

Christopher Brennan - MFSB Advisory Board Member

Brett Knopf

Performance, Business Strategy, and Sales

Herb Courtney - MFSB Advisory Board

Herb Courtney

Hiring, Staffing, DEI, and DEIB

gary anzalone headshot

Gary Anazlone

Business Development

Jimmy Newson-Amsterdam Edited

Jimmy Newson

Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, Business Planning, & Entrepreneurship


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Our Business Topics

Global strategy

Going Global

As the world becomes more connected, it’s important for college students to have a global perspective. Business training can help students learn about different cultures and how to do business in other countries. In addition, business training can help students learn about import and export regulations. Students can help their businesses succeed in the global marketplace by understanding these regulations.

Business Lead And Customer Generation Magnet Pulling

Customer Acquisition

No matter what business your students decide to go in, acquiring customers is essential to their success. Without customers, they have no revenue and no business. That’s why it’s so important to focus on customer acquisition strategies.

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Growth Strategies

If students are looking to start their own business, or even if they’re just looking to grow the one they have, learning some key growth strategies is essential. After all, effective management and growth are essential to any successful business.

A woman's hand holds a red marker on a beige background. Automate business processes and workflows using flowcharts. Reduction of time for processing processes

Business Operations

Running a business is no easy feat. There are a lot of moving parts and pieces that need to come together in order for things to run smoothly. That’s why having a solid foundation in business operations is so important.

paper card with new product idea, advertising, blog, network inscriptions pinned on cork office

Product Development

There’s no denying that college students, faculty, and alums have a lot of potential when it comes to starting a business. But often, they lack the practical skills and knowledge needed to make their ventures successful. That’s where business training comes in. By providing students, faculty, and alums with the tools they need to research, plan, and document their ideas, business training can help turn great ideas into thriving businesses.

Recruitment, search job vacancy, HR human resources and social network search concept. A lot of avatar profiles and magnifying glass.

Talent Acquisition

College students, faculty, and alums have the opportunity to learn how to find, hire, and train the best talent. Through this training, college students, faculty, and alums can learn how to identify the best talent, how to interview and select candidates, and how to onboard and train new employees. This training can also help college students, faculty, and alums learn about the different types of jobs available in the marketplace. They can make informed decisions about their own career paths by understanding the job market.

Street Sign International versus National

New Markets Expansion

One of the best ways to expand a business is to enter new markets. This can be done by opening new locations, targeting new customer segments, or offering new products and services. But how do you go about entering a new market? This training is both broad and deep.

Employee Benefits Career Concept. Business Bonus Work Perks.

Employee Benefits

Providing the right employee benefits and incentives has tremendous upsides. For one, it can help attract top talent. In addition, it can help improve employee retention and engagement, as well as increase productivity. Furthermore, this training can also help the company comply with HR and payroll regulations. Finally, it can be instrumental in boosting the company’s bottom line by increasing sales and profits.

Working desk with digital tablet showing digital marketing concept

Online/Digital Presence

When it comes to being online, many strategies can prove extremely successful for both brick-and-mortar and 100% online businesses. The question is, what strategy is right for the current situation? Having an online presence is important for several reasons. First, it allows them to reach a wider audience of potential customers. Second, it makes it easier for customers to find information about their business and contact them. Third, an online presence can help them build credibility and trust with potential customers. Fourth, an online presence can help them stay top-of-mind with their target audience. Fifth, an online presence can help them generate leads and sales. Sixth, an online presence can help them build relationships with customers and partners. Finally, an online presence can help them save time and money by making it easier to manage your business.

Diversity at Business Meeting

DEIB Strategy

As the workforce continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever for college students, faculty, and alums to learn about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). DEIB training can help prepare individuals for the workforce by teaching them about the importance of respecting and valuing differences. This type of training can also help individuals identify unconscious bias and how to avoid making assumptions about others. In addition, DEIB training can help create a more inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels valued and respected. By learning about DEIB, college students, faculty, and alums will be better prepared to enter the workforce and positively impact their careers.

Bags of money near the courthouse. Litigation on financial matters. Legislation and rules, laws in the finance sector of economy. Investments and movement of capital, prevention of money laundering

Capital & Financing

Learning about financing and capital is an important part of this training. Capital is the money that one uses to start and grow a business. It is important to learn about financing because it will help them get the money they need to start a business. Without proper funding, the business may not be able to grow.

Digital transformation and digitalization technology concept

Digital Transformation

In today’s business world, digital transformation is essential for small businesses. By definition, digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new or modified business processes, organizational structures, and customer experiences to drive business value. In other words, it’s the process of taking your business from the old way of doing things to the new way of doing things.

Startup Business Entrepreneurship Ideas Concept

Entrepreneurship, Mindset & Success

Entrepreneurship programs can teach students how to start and grow their own business, how to identify opportunities, and how to manage risk. They’ll also learn about marketing, finance, and operations. And if they’re already running a business, this training can help them take it to the next level.

product marketing manager

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are two of the most critical aspects of running a business. After all, without customers or clients, the business doesn’t have anyone to serve. And without a solid marketing and sales strategy, the business may not have anyone to reach. If one wants to succeed in business, marketing and sales are essential pieces of the puzzle. These areas need just as much attention as anything else.

custom business topic

Custom Business Topic

Creating a custom business program for your school can have many benefits. It can help to increase student involvement and interaction with faculty. Plus, it can give students the opportunity to learn about different aspects of business. And it can help alumni stay connected to their alma mater. Custom business programs can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your school. So, if you want to create a program that will benefit everyone involved, consider chatting with us, and we can brainstorm a custom business program.

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