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About MFSB

Moving Forward Small Business (MFSB) is a strategically designed publishing and media company providing much-needed resources to small business owners and entrepreneurs from start-up to 5 years in business by leveraging events, expert content, on-demand training, community, and networking opportunities.  The combination helps them find the right resources at the right time to produce the right results that lead to impact.  We are passionate about supporting small businesses with actionable resources because the small business community helps the world become a better place to live.

MFSB’ leverages the power of strategy, technology, and innovation to reduce the number of businesses that fail between their first and fifth year of business.

Our initiative helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and their employees constructively prepare themselves and their businesses for success. As our world continues to change, businesses need to have a plan in place to get their business on the right track. We want to help them make the most of the time, energy, and resources they have or need to acquire.

The “Moving Forward Small Business” initiative’s desired outcome is to become a trusted source for small business growth, an unbiased educator, and a resource partner.

Our Vision

The MFSB vision is to reduce the failure rate in the small business and entrepreneurial communities globally and help them become our next business leaders & disrupters.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop strategic partnerships, events, tools, training, resources, and networking opportunities that give small businesses and entrepreneurs everything they need to succeed.

Through leveraging the power of strategy, technology, and innovation, MFSB helps small business owners and entrepreneurs navigate a sea of options and possibilities to make the right decisions to produce results in their business that lead to sustainability, growth, and leadership.  We plan on impacting 1MM businesses by 2050.


MFSB bridges the gap between what a small business has and needs to play big and make an impact due to the lack of resources, including insights, training, tools, networking opportunities, support systems, community outreach, and financial stability.  When you can connect the dots, a small business owner and entrepreneur now has a fighting chance of making it past the first five years of business and focus on growth, longevity, sustainability, and impact. 

The Small Business Journey:

To assist in the journey the small business is on, we bring together experts that specialize in mindset, marketing, finance, technology, innovation, and professional development to share valuable information that can be applied right away to make a positive difference in the business and mind of the small business owner.

The main goal is to help small businesses and their team re-evaluate what they’re doing and find better ways to grow their market share and, in the process, boost their sales using technology, innovation, and strategy.

For this, we’ve divided this journey into a three-phase process:


MFSB will show you research ideas, ideation tactics, groundbreaking technologies you can use, and tested strategies via events, digital content, and video training. These resources will include practical, actionable, results-driven information and advice to get you unstuck and regain your inertia. 



In this phase, you dive deeper into specific topics that are important to you (based on continuous feedback we receive). Besides engaging with our content and strategies, MFSB will allow for REAL networking opportunities with other like-minded small business owners, entrepreneurs, partners, and sponsors through innovative virtual networking platforms. 



In the final phase, you will focus on continuing to build a solid foundation for success now and in the future. MFSB will introduce more marketing, technology, business development, and financing tools and strategies to help you grow and prosper. After this phase, you will be able to move your business forward and keep thriving, no matter what the future brings.


Warren Wilson - MFSB Advisory Board Member

Warren J. Wilson

C-suite advisor with a proven track record of developing, funding, and scaling Fortune 100 and early-stage enterprises globally.

Rachelle Fender - MFSB Advisory Board Member

Rachelle Fender

International Humanitarian – Unstoppable Foundation

Helena Escalante - MFSB Advisory Board Member

Helena Escalante

International Bestselling Author | Certified Copywriter | Founder, Keynote Speaker, Bibliophile & Writer @ EntreGurus.com | Entrepreneur & Curator of Business Events

Christopher Brennan - MFSB Advisory Board Member

Christopher Brennan

Head of Retail Partnerships at National Basketball Association (NBA/WNBA/G-League/2K League) | Leader of High Performing, Cross-Functional Teams | Sales | Marketing | Business Development | Strategic Partnerships

Elaine Pofeldt - MFSB Advisory Board Member

Elaine Pofeldt

Journalist, content strategist, blogger, ghost writer. Author: The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business

Brian Turoff - MFSB Advisory Board Member

Brian Turoff

Partner, Head of New York Labor and Employment Practice at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Joe Camparato - MFSB Advisory Board Member

Joe Camparato

CEO @ National | #1 FinTech Marketplace | Proud Leader of an Award-Winning Team

Herb Courtney - MFSB Advisory Board

Herb Courtney

Consulting| Diversity & Inclusion| Talent Acquisition| Sports Leadership| Corporate Leadership| Higher Education| IE Brown Executive MBA Candidate


Jimmy Newson


Jimmy Newson is the founder of Jimmy Newson Consulting, a business strategy, online marketing, and sales firm. Small business clients, and large ones like Microsoft and AOL, call him “The Impact Influencer” for the outstanding results he’s achieved for them.

Jimmy is also the Senior Advisor for the NY Marketing Association, and the founder of Moving Forward Small Business, a global effort to leverage the power of marketing, technology, and innovation to reduce startup failure and save 1 million businesses by 2050.