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Impact Strategies for Small Businesses from the Minds of Big Businesses Who Care

A Few Featured National and Global Brands

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A Few Featured Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals

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Sneak Peak at Previews from a Few Upcoming Podcast Episodes

Making an Impact on Small Businesses

Lisa Routel

Chief Strategy Officer at BioOx/Strategy & Marketing Lead at Verizon

Why Does It Take So Long?

Folayo Lasaki

Marketing Executive. Strategist. Advisor. Brand Builder. Speaker.

Making an Impact From Day One

Mariana Uribe

Growth Marketing Leader at Cambell Soup Company

Accounting for Hidden Cost

Sebastián Martín

Cambio Labs | Social Entrepreneur, Educator, Movement Maker

About Our Podcast

Impact Us All is an empowering and enlightening business podcast hosted by the dynamic business strategist, Jimmy Newson. The podcast centers around the stories, strategies, and insights of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and national & global brands that care. Its prime focus is to highlight and elaborate on the initiatives that are making substantial changes in communities around the world. It showcases innovative techniques for breaking down barriers in any business sphere and accentuates their relevance to aspiring business individuals. In each episode, Jimmy Newson digs into the deep aspects of their unique journey, highlighting their triumphs, challenges, and valuable learnings, aimed to equip the listeners with fresh perspectives and practical impact strategies that they can adapt to their own ventures.

What You Will Learn:

  • Real-world lessons from leading entrepreneurs and experts from national & globally reputed brands.
  • Comprehensive insights on the latest strategies and innovative solutions driving significant impact across business communities.
  • Proven tactics and tools for overcoming challenges and barriers in your business journey.
  • Inspiring entrepreneurial journeys and success stories aimed at motivating your entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Tips on leveraging community impact for brand growth and influence.
  • Practical advice on incorporating impactful strategies into your own business model for local, regional, national, or global reach.
  • Tips for effectively handling business operations, managing team, and creating a productive work culture.
  • Understanding the significance and influence of business diversity and inclusion on community and world-at-large.
  • Empowering advice to encourage you to think outside the box and contribute positively to the broader community.
  • Valuable tips to foster growth and ensure sustainable business development.
  • Suggestions to create, refine, and implement business strategies that promote communal development.
Jimmy Newson

Jimmy Newson


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Every Wednesday @ 9 am EST starting June 19, 2024

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Our fun, insightful quiz will guide you through this discovery process, unveiling your unique impact style and how you can maximize it to leave a lasting mark on the world. Embark on this self-exploration journey and begin reshaping the world with your business today.

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