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About Our Podcast

Welcome to Impact Us All, the business podcast hosted by Jimmy Newson, the Impact Influencer and founder of Moving Forward Small Business. Each episode features an inspiring story about the successes and struggles of business leaders making an impact in their respective fields. Through this podcast, you will gain insight into what motivates these fantastic leaders to start their business and the rewards of it, how they have seen their business make an impact in the world and strategies used to create this impact, lessons learned on their journey to create an impact with their business, the advice they have for aspiring entrepreneurs, how they’ve ensures positive effects beyond the bottom line, how their business has changed their view of success, the biggest challenges they’ve faced, some of their proudest moments, and causes they’re most passionate about. With Impact Us All, Jimmy hopes to inspire you to be a leader and make an impact in your business and in the world.

You will learn the following:

  • How entrepreneurs have been motivated to create their businesses and the most rewarding part of it
  • How companies have made an impact on the world and its communities
  • Strategies used to create impact and lessons learned
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to make a positive impact
  • Strategies to ensure positive effects beyond the bottom line
  • How business ventures have impacted personal lives and success
  • Biggest challenges faced and proudest moments achieved
  • How businesses are supporting particular causes and making a difference
  • How even the smallest company and make the biggest impact
Jimmy Newson

Jimmy Newson


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Recent Interviews

The $10,000 hr Mindset

Based on Perry Marshall’s $10,000 document featured in his book 80/20 sales and marketing, Jimmy Newson discusses how he is able to leverage this mindset to elevate his unique selling proposition for growth professionally and personally.


Lead Magnet Virtual Summit, Talk 2 |  33min

Becoming the “Profit Producer”

Senior Adviser for NY Marketing Association Jimmy Newson, dubbed by his clients as the “Profit Producer”, joins us on this episode of Marketing Mindshare! Pulling from his expertise as an inbound marketing and sales consultant, Jimmy shares actionable advice on numerous topics such as a solution to market oversaturation and strategically placing webinars in the sales funnel. Having built his own authority in the business space, Jimmy also walks us through his methodology of increasing credibility and fostering partnerships with established brands.


Marketing Mindshare, Episode 4 |  47min

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