Be more Interested than Interesting

May 10,2023 @ 01:00 pm    to   May 10,2023 @ 02:00 pm

Be more Interested than Interesting

This workshop is part of the Sales Enablement Series

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Episode 010: Be more Interested than Interesting

One of the best things I ever heard from my business coach, David Meltzer, is to be more interested than interesting.  When you are actively interested in learning about the person in front of you, they will feel appreciated and understood and will be happy to give their business to you.  This has to be genuine, and it has to be done with everyone so that it becomes habitual for you.  Approaching the world with the intention of showing genuine interest in them makes people feel valued and will lead you to tremendous relationships and results in your sales career as a natural byproduct of this approach.

What You’ll Learn

What skills do you need to showcase your genuine interest in other people?

How to practice this on a daily basis outside of sales scenarios

What are the consequences of speaking   more than you are  listening

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May 10,2023 @ 01:00 pm
May 10,2023 @ 02:00 pm
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