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Brett Knopf (author of the soon-to-be-released Everyday People With Extraordinary Sales Success: Sales Secrets From Those Who Have Won Financial Freedom and Their Life Back!) and Jimmy Newson (Founder of Moving Forward Small Business) collaborate to help you cut through the noise and guide you directly to high-level sales success.  


Episode 001:

How to Set Goals that Will Propel You to Victory

If you’re anything like most people, you love to win.  In order to win, you need to have a very clear picture of what that victory looks like so you can be intentional in your day-to-day pursuit of it.  Goal achievement = victory.  Without the benefit of clearly defined goals, you are going to have the nearly impossible task of trying to create the strategies that will help you drive directly towards your highest level of performance and income potential.

Let us help guide you through the steps needed to sell at a high level by setting the goals and strategies that will create wins for you, your teammates, and your customers.


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    Discovering Your Purpose


    Developing Your Goals

    Developing Your Goals

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    Episode 002:

    Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

    When you are able to connect and make someone feel valued and listened to right from the outset of your interaction with them, they are infinitely more likely to want to be around you and to do business with you.

      EPISODE 3: 

      People Buy from People They Like

      When you are able to connect and make someone feel valued and listened to right from the outset of your interaction with them, they are infinitely more likely to want to be around you and to do business with you.

      EPISODE 4 

      Look at Things Through the Lens of Giving vs. Getting

      When you approach customers with the intention of giving without the expectation of receiving, you automatically create a dynamic that makes the other person feel valued.  It also alleviates the pressure on you to try to ‘get’ something from them.  When you create a relaxed environment for someone to make their decision, and you’ve been able to give them a great experience and education regarding the specific value your product/service provides them, your success rate skyrockets.

      EPISODE 5 

      Create Your Structured Time Management Plan

      Time is arguably the most valuable commodity you have outside of your health.  Effectively prioritizing your time allows you to focus on the things that drive you towards your goals day to day in as efficient a manner as possible.

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      EPISODE 6 

      Create Your Structured Continuing Education Plan

      The overwhelming majority of the most successful and happy people in this world understand that they need to be lifelong learners and prioritize daily study accordingly.  Once you identify where you want to go in your life and your career, tailoring a continuing education process to uplevel your mindset and skills is a must have for your growth and evolution into the person you wish to become.

      EPISODE 7

      Expect Successful Outcomes

      There is literally no benefit to expecting negative outcomes.  There is a TON of benefits in expecting positive outcomes.  When you head into a sales situation with this attitude of confidence, your message and body language will be congruent, and your customer will feel that deep-seated belief that you know how to provide the solution to what they are in need of.

      EPISODE 8

      Create Solutions That SPECIFICALLY Address Customer Needs

      It’s extremely important that you ask the right questions and actively listen to the responses of your customer so that you can very specifically address their needs.  Your customer will feel listened to and understood and will give you their business when you directly provide the solution to their needs through your presentation of the benefits of your product or service that are most applicable to them.


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      EPISODE 9

      Seek Out People Who are Operating at a High Level and Identify What They are Doing to Generate Success

      If you want to be the best, it’s important to learn from the best.  Success leaves clues, both directly and indirectly.  The path of least resistance is to find the people you respect and would like to emulate and ask them for feedback on your approach and performance.

      EPISODE 10

      Be More Interested and Interesting

      One of the best things I ever heard from my business coach, David Meltzer, is to be more interested than interesting.  When you are actively interested in learning about the person in front of you, they will feel appreciated and understood and will be happy to give their business to you.  This has to be genuine, and it has to be done with everyone so that it becomes habitual for you.  Approaching the world with the intention of showing genuine interest in them makes people feel valued and will lead you to tremendous relationships and results in your sales career as a natural byproduct of this approach.

      EPISODE 11

      Take Time Daily to Reflect on Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement

      By consistently reflecting on your strengths and opportunities for improvement, you give yourself the ability to adjust your approach in as close to real-time as possible.  You will have a firm understanding of what’s working for you and what’s not working for you so you can make the decisions necessary to move forward strategically in pursuit of your goals.

      EPISODE 12

      Be Competitive With Yourself

      In order to improve and grow, you are going to need to have the self-discipline and drive to compete with yourself.  Keeping detailed statistics and information regarding your achievement or shortfalls in key success metrics gives you benchmarks to strive for.  The idea is to ultimately improve your performance day after day, week over week, month over month, quarter over quarter, year over year.  Honestly, evaluating your effort level and pursuit of the education necessary to up-level your skills goes hand in hand with this.  When you start continuously striving for incremental improvement on a day-by-day basis, you will string together a multitude of winning days that will funnel into greater success than you’ve previously had.


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