Strategy Alignment and Execution – Membership Launch – Why Should You Care?


[Walkthroughs Replay] Strategy Alignment and Execution – Membership Launch – Why Should You Care?


Do you want to know what a strategy-aligned professional is?

A Strategy-Aligned Professional is someone who…

• Simplifies what others think is complicated to create a true north in their business
• Creates opportunities for others to align with them and move forward together
• Identifies their competitive edge and uses that to attract the right customer
• And there is so much more.

We have officially unveiled something REALLY big and exciting.

It’s called The Strategy Alignment & Execution Membership

This membership is not for everyone, and that will be for you to decide. MFSB will be kicking off a FOUNDING MEMBER OFFER with many great perks.

This membership is DIFFERENT than what you might be used to because rather than just discussing strategy and how to grow – we’re going to implement plans and strategies together in real-time. No business is left behind.

We’re going to focus on helping you get a clear path to growth in your business, allowing you to be more profitable, reduce fear of failure, connect with like-minded individuals, and make a positive impact in your community!


By simplifying the process of creating a growth strategy, implementing an execution plan, and adding alignment for success.

– Join the MFSB community of growth enthusiasts
– Simplify complexity with our 120-day process
– Make strategy a habit with our Business Strategy Development Plan, included FREE in all our membership levels
– Shortcut your way to success with easy-to-execute plans
☝ Access group and one-on-one coaching

This membership is designed to help you achieve your goals.

See if this is something that can help you crush 2023 and set your business up for predictable growth moving forward.

Hope to see you inside the membership!


Founder | Moving Forward Small Business


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