The Small Business CEO Series


In the Small Business CEO series, Mark Taylor, retired CEO and Executive Coach, who spends over 400 hours a month coaching CEOs, shares insights, actionable tips, and strategies that help you make the transition from small business owner to the CEO of your growing organization.


Episode 001:

Growing from Entrepreneur to CEO

You Will Learn:

  • The Role of the CEO
  • The typical constraints facing small business entrepreneurs
  • Actions to take to grow your organization to the next level
  • How to move your small business forward


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First Time CEO Survival Guide

Rate Yourself Document

Rate Yourself Document

Episode 002:

The Essence of Strategy

Why are some companies more competitive than others? To be successful, a leader must be able to diagnose the reasons behind successes and failures and to be able to effectively improve performance in the future. Learn to identify opportunities, develop a viable course of action, and formulate a strategy for your business.


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    5 Types of Competitors - Part 2
    Leadership Timeline Template

    Episode 003: 

    Tribal Leadership: Because Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast – Part 1

    The leadership model for the 21st century requires that people in every role in the company be leaders in the positions they happen to hold. Leadership is no longer about executives and senior managers dictating what needs to happen. The solution is found in how you establish and master relationships and partnerships as a leader. Ultimately, you have to develop the leader within you and then support those around you to do the same. Once it takes hold, a person is never the same again.


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    Analyze Competitors Products Distribution Sales Strategy - Part 3


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