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The Small Business CEO Series

Helping Small Businesses to Become CEO’s

About This Series

In the Small Business CEO series, Mark Taylor, retired CEO and Executive Coach, who spends over 400 hours a month coaching CEOs, shares insights, actionable tips, and strategies that help you make the transition from small business owner to the CEO of your growing organization.

This is an ongoing series where we will also have panel discussions and an annual event hosted live in New York City.  By attending this series, you will learn how to get your life back and generate the freedom and revenue you desire.

You Will Learn: 

  • The role of the CEO
  • Successful Business models
  • Strategy
  • Organizational design
  • How to increase profit
  • Fulfill your purpose, vision, and mission
Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor


Jimmy Newson

Jimmy Newson


New Event Monthly

This series start May 19, 2022

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