Monthly Sales Enablement Series

The 10x Sales Strategy Series

Your Definitive Blueprint for Individual and Organizational Sales Success

About This Series

In this 12 part series, you will gain actionable strategies and processes that will rapidly accelerate your sales success individually and organizationally.  With sales indisputably being the lifeblood of your growth and sustainability as a small business, dialing in on sales enablement will provide you with the information, content and tools to help you and your salespeople maximize your effectiveness.  Attracting and retaining talented salespeople has historically been a challenge and is even more difficult in the current job market.  This series will help you begin to develop solutions to this problem and create teams that are invested in each other’s growth and success.

Brett Knopf, (author of the soon to be released Everyday People With Extraordinary Sales Success: Sales Secrets From Those Who Have Won Financial Freedom and Their Life Back!) and Jimmy Newson (Founder of Moving Forward Small Business) collaborate to help you cut through the noise and guide you directly to high level sales success.  

Benefits You Will Receive by Attending Include:

  • Proven strategies to accelerate your sales success based on 20+ years of experience building and leading high performing sales teams across multiple verticals
  • Clear processes that are easy to follow and apply at all levels for all team members
  • How to develop the foundational mindset needed to navigate the inevitable challenges and stay consistently focused on finding and executing solutions
Brett Knopf

Brett Knopf


Jimmy Newson

Jimmy Newson


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This series starts July 2022

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12 Monthly Sessions Breakdown

August 10, 2022: How to Set Goals that Will Propel You to Victory 

September 14, 2022: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

October 12, 2022: People Buy From People They Like

November 9, 2022: Look at Things Through the Lens of Giving vs Getting

December 14, 2022: Create Your Structured Time Management Plan

January 11, 2023: Create Your Structured Continuing Education Plan

February 15, 2023: Expect Successful Outcomes

March 8, 2023: Create Solutions That SPECIFICALLY Address Customer Needs

April 12, 2023: Seek Out People Who are Operating at a High Level and Identify What They are Doing to Generate Success

May 10, 2023: Be more Interested than Interesting

June 14, 2023: Take Time Daily to Reflect on Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement

July 12, 2023: Be Competitive — With Yourself!

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