An online lead generation strategy is critical for small business owners. All of the major brands already have a strategy in place, and they use it to gain new clients every day. This article will show you how you can maximize the power of the Internet and change lives by connecting with people who need the products or services you provide.

What Is Online Lead Generation?

Online lead generation describes a process used to encourage potential customers to inquire about the products and services provided by your business. Online lead generation can be used for any type of business and is beneficial whether you operate a health clinic or dance studio. Real estate agents use online lead generation a lot, and so do attorneys, car repair technicians, educators, coaches, and consultants.

Lead generation is used by businesses that serve consumers (B2C) and businesses that serve other businesses (B2B). Your lead generation strategy is directed at developing interest in your brand. You want to attract strangers who have never interacted with your company before in any setting. You also want to convert that interest into a purchase.

When Should You Start Using Lead Generation?

Lead generation is very effective when it is done properly. It should be done in a way that shows your customers you actually are aware of their needs and are interested in helping them solve their problems. No one likes a cold call that shows disregard for their own time or priorities. Similarly, while the Internet can sometimes seem distant, each person who receives an email or sees one of your videos online is a real person and should be treated with respect from the very first encounter.

You can start planning your lead generation strategy even before you purchase the domain name for your site. In fact, as you work on your strategy, you may find it helpful to tweak certain aspects of your site in accordance with what you hope to achieve. You’ll always want to use every opportunity to create a perception of your brand that makes people big fans.

For example, suppose you operate an organic ice cream store, and you plan to use promotions to generate leads frequently. In that case, you may decide to have several portals or landing pages that match each type of promotion that you intend to have. Each of these will delight prospective customers, so they seek out more information on how you make your ice cream, where your ingredients come from, and how they can get their first taste of it.

What Are the Most Popular Lead Generation Strategies?

Email marketing and online advertising are two of the most popular strategies that are used for online lead generation. Email marketing is also used to sustain the connection you have with existing customers, so you maximize the lifetime value of each shopper.

Partnerships can help you gain more from email marketing since your brand can sometimes be introduced to prospective customers who have opted to receive this type of information from your partners.

Is Online Lead Generation Effective?

All business people want to know what type of return they’re likely to get on their investment before they make a move. You can feel confident with taking the time to develop an online lead generation strategy because once it’s done well, you’ll always see significant returns. However, if your lead generation process is not optimized by using information you’ve gained on your customers, you won’t always see the best results.

Small businesses that constantly fine-tune and improve their online lead generation strategy see falling marketing costs and obtain better leads. As they become better at attracting the people they really want to serve and who would directly benefit from doing business with them the most, they can better sustain lifelong relationships that are win-win or always mutually beneficial.

Lead generation can be tailored across a number of channels so that your customers always engage with you, with the understanding that you can actually meet their specific needs. You never want to miss the chance to gain a new lead because a person thinks you don’t have what they want. As you look at what your brand offers to customers online, you’ll find that one size doesn’t fit all.

An Online Lead Generation Example

For example, suppose you run a hardware outlet and develop a marketing campaign designed to attract customers interested in having a gorgeous lawn. In that case, you’ll want to develop a completely different campaign to meet the needs of shoppers who are interested in achieving the perfect interior color for their kitchen. Their needs are entirely different, so you’ll have to understand each potential lead’s needs to be effective. Once you can do that, you’ll be able to drive sales very well online.

You must always build the right persona for the type of customer you’re trying to attract. To do that, you’ll usually have to be guided by research on the habits of each set of clients that you serve. For example, you may sell chocolate truffles, but you have different types of truffles. In your group of customers, those who purchase acai are different from those who want truffles with orange. You can alter the persona of your brand slightly to ensure that it attracts people in each group.

More than ever, people go online to find new brands that will become their next go-to store. They will never see an ad in print because they don’t read newspapers. Not only is online lead generation effective with these customers, but it’s also the only way that you’ll be able to reach some of them.


Online lead generation is a critical part of increasing your profits, no matter what type of business you may have. Our free eBook will provide you with essential strategies to start using now to develop your pipeline and get more sales. Download it in minutes and start your deep dive into online lead generation today

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